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Experience it All

In between the intense preservation there are moments to take advantage of the full beauty and tranquility the African plains can offer. 


Game Drives

Scout the most elusive game day and night. 


Fishing Trips

Leisurely fish on private river cruises.


Walking Safari

Private walking tours get you feet from nature


Helicopter on stand by

Fly away to a luxury dinner on the stand by heli.

At every lodge you may visit we offer the most luxurious opportunities to unwind and relax in lavish facilities. Your dream African experience can be tailor made to your any desire.


Why not start the day with a private fishing trip on a nearby river winding downstream along the current is prime time to case out for a tiger fish or two. These apex predators with large sharp teeth hunt in the faster flowing waters and put up an exceptional battle as they power through the river current.

Returning back to the lodge with your trophy catch your hosts greet you with a refreshing drink before continuing to a lavish breakfast spread on the terrace overlooking the savannah. 

Caroline at the spa offers you a cool towelette before ushering you in to the fully equipped spa, perfect for anyone seeking rejuvenation of mind, body and soul while in the heart of the African wilderness.

Settling in the fully equipped range rover your private guide sets off down a dusty track on the lookout for one of the most elusive big cats in Africa, the leopard. Gaze at the vast diversity of wildlife that cover the plains from small antelope nibbling the base of the grass to giraffes overlooking the tree tops.

Lunch is served near the swimming pool which overlooks the local watering hole, more game gather to sip the refreshing water aimlessly filtering in and out of the surrounding thicket. 

The afternoon heat calls for a light siesta in exclusive air conditioned rooms elegantly styled in fine furnishings inspired by the landscape.

Join your friends and loved ones on the back garden where your helicopter pilot carries out his preflight check before your whisked away to a remote, though expertly catered sunset course meal under an old Acacia tree. The infamous african sun burns red through the trees as you eat and drink to your hearts content before disembarking in the 4x4 for a final night game viewing on your way back to the lodge, looking to catch a glimpse that elusive leopard once more.

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