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Tiger Canyon

A curiously exceptional opportunity to experience Asian Bengal Tigers now thriving in the rocky outcrops of South Africa.


Guaranteed sightings

Get closer than ever before with this rare experience.


Luxury Dining

5 star dining under the African stars


Unique Photography Op

Guaranteed Photographic Opportunities.

Tiger Canyon is a groundbreaking conservation project dedicated to preserving the critically endangered Bengal Tiger. Set against the unique backdrop of the Great Karoo in the Free State Province of South Africa, Tiger Canyon is home to a growing population of tigers, reintroduced and now breeding in the wild.

Founded with two zoo-born Bengal cubs in 2000, the tigers have adapted remarkably to the terrain, blending in seamlessly with the Karoo landscape. Camouflaged perfectly in the long grass and rocky outcrops, the tigers have proven to be lethal predators.

Despite challenges, Tiger Canyon continues to grow from strength to strength, providing a beacon of hope in the fight for the tiger’s survival in the wild.

In the last 20 years the worlds tiger population has more than halved due to loss of habitat. Roughly 70% of wild tigers live in India where they compete daily with a growing human population. Tigers require large territories and frequently clash with expanding towns and cities. With approximately 456 people per square kilometre and no fences around their national parks, the tiger’s natural habitat in India is declining rapidly.


At Tiger Canyon, our goal is to develop a sanctuary for the endangered big cats of the world, particularly, but not limited to, the critically endangered Bengal tiger. We believe that we have built an effective conservation model that benefits both humans and nature. It is our hope that this model will inspire and be replicated by other countries and conservation projects. We cannot accept that such magnificent big cats are under threat to the point of extinction.

We believe that the relationship between humans and animals living in close proximity need not be destructive: by making the tiger accessible to guests, photographers and filmmakers, Tiger Canyon aims to raise awareness of the tiger’s plight, ensuring that future generations can continue to behold this awesome cat roaming free in the wild.

Perched on the edge of a cliff, the luxurious Tigress Julie Lodge is located in a remote part of the canyon. Tucked below the horizon, the building is hidden from the surrounding game drive areas. This off-grid eco-lodge is designed to provide maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact. Therefore, our electrical power is generated through solar panels and water is heated by solar geysers. Dedicated staff attend to every need, and our locally sourced menu provides delicious dining with a singular Karoo influence.

With cocktail in hand, witness the sky deepen across the canyon. Relax beneath our poolside lapa as the sun sets over the Karoo, and gather around the fire to share your stories. Safety is of great importance to us, so tigers are viewed from the protection of a closed game viewing vehicle which has been designed to provide good manoeuvrability for big lens cameras. We are able to access most tiger locations and bring you enchantingly close to the big cats who are living natural lives hunting, swimming, mating, fighting and relaxing, as cats do.

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