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Rhino Darting

Rhino Darting

Wherever the rhinos roam we roam with them. By darting these critically endangered animals we can safely implant tracking devices into their horns or de-horn them completely as part of the fight against poachers. We also carry out routine procedures such as putting a notch in their feet for tracking and identification.

The preservation of these magnificent creatures is our utmost concern and you will play a vital part in this conservation

Elephant Conservation

This is the chance to get up close to the largest land mammal on earth. We dart and collar elephants which roam wild between countries to better track and preserve their dwindling numbers. Sometimes elephants require relocation into more protected national parks and conservation sites or need attention from your team to remove snares and treat wounds.


Tiger Sanctuary

South Africa offers a guaranteed chance to experience rehabilitated tigers in a one of a kind tiger reserve. Here wild tigers roam freely in the savannahs and hunt African game themselves within a protected area of their own. The tigers have adapted so well to this unique sanctuary that they have started breeding. Watch the them play and exist just as they would in the wild.


Experience it All

Regardless of the location our associated lodges always offer private excursions such as guided walks, game drives, fishing trips, observation hides, walking safaris and a pristine place to relax in between.

Why not take advantage of our stand-by helicopter for sunset cruises to secluded fine dining spots followed by a night game drive back to your lodge.

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